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Palin Reverses Herself. Now She Wears A Pink Jacket From A Consignment Shop In Alaska And Tells Us She Is Still Just A Plain Old Hockey Mom. She Let The Press Rattle Her On Her New Wardrobe, Something No Woman Should Do.

Sarah Palin appeared at a rally today in Florida wearing a pink Jacket From “Out Of The Closet” a consignment shop in Anchorage Alaska. She waived her $35.00 marriage ring and said “I’m
going to wear my own clothes for the rest of the week.”


After that it will be safe to get out the Nieman Marcus and Saks clothes which ever way the election turns out.

How dumb does she think the electorate is? All she had to say is that my co- candidate and his wife are wearing expensive clothes because they are in the media’s eye and our media consultant told me to do the same or else I would look like Little Orphan Annie. It was only appropriate that I dress as well as John McCain and his wife Cindy McCain. Mrs. McCain has always been a fashion statement standing in her impeccable St John couture next to her husband in his two thousand dollar suits and five hundred and fifty dollar Ferragamo loafers, like a good Republican millionaire who believes the poverty line starts below five million a year for U.S families.

Michelle Obama and Joe Biden’s wife, Jill, seem to dress like average women who are not of the country club set. They make a point of being well dressed but not lavishly attired. Mrs. Obama said she was wearing J. Crew on a television talk show recently.

Palin’s refusal to stand her ground is an indication that she being manipulated by the McCain campaign consultants like the Barbie Doll that she has been labeled and not the “tough maverick” she would like us to believe.

Obliviously Palin is window dressing like, McCain’s wife, for the McCain Campaign which each day tries to disseminate more misinformation about his policies.

First he had the same exact policies as Bush. However, now he says he is not Bush. Well, we all know that. However he espouses the same trickle down tax policies of Bush and was for the same limited government with no meaning full regulation of Wall Street and the banks as Bush. If elected he would install the same cadre of lobbyists in the bureaucracy that Bush has or their identical surrogates from K Street. On Iraq, he has the same policy as Bush, talk tough and muddle through and above all else disregard the advice of experts and Allies. Don’t even put some who might disagree with you on your staff. They’re probably not from K Street anyway.

Lincoln said it: “You can fool some of the people all the time. All the people some of the time. But you can’t fool all the people all the time.”

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Sarah Palin is living up to her image as lipstick for McCain’s failing campaign.

If she was a maverick and independent minded she would have defended her new wardrobe as necessary in a media age where image is everything. She chose the image of Cindy McCain or the campaign consultants did and she should have stuck with it. The sad thing is she thinks she has to make excuses for herself in such a trite manner. Tough minded, independent maverick. No. Simplistic Barbie Doll for window dressing in a failing campaign. Yes.



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