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There are so many misconceptions/misperceptions in this book about herself, her family, her role in life and her motivation one can only think she must be a solipsistic megalomaniac and not a committed mother or politician with strongly held ideals and values

Palin glosses over much of her time as Governor with anecdotes about her children and family life. Track, for instance, graduated from high school and didn’t follow a career in hockey or go to college but joined the National Guard and was sent for training to Georgia. Up to now the reader got the impression Track was going to be a professional hockey player. Further Track, although he was a star player on the Alaska All-Stars team, spent most of his senior high school year in Michigan where he played AAA hockey and then returned to Wasilla to graduate from Wasilla High School in June 2007. He joined the Army National Guard in September 2007. No mention is made as to why he didn’t go on to play college hockey or even professional or semi- professional hockey. Bristol becomes pregnant as an unwed teen in 2008. Palin herself becomes pregnant and conceals it. Did all this happen because she sacrificed her family’s welfare to her political career? Track was shipped off to Michigan in September of 2006 and she took office as Governor on December 2006. Bristol gave birth in December 2008 in the year that Sarah ran for Vice-President while still Governor of Alaska.

Pages in the book are devoted to a cat fight between the President of the Alaska State Senate and the Scheduling of the State of the State speech so she could attend Track’s graduation from Army training. She treats this event like a momentous milestone in Track’s life like getting married or graduating from college drama queen that she is. Perhaps she was trying to make up for shipping him off to Michigan while she went off to be Governor

She also was President of the Oil and Gas Association so she was called upon to speak to that organization usually outside of Alaska in the lower forty eight. Was this conducive to a stable family life or even in the interest of Alaska or maybe just in her self interest?

When she became pregnant with Trig she was afraid to go to her OBGYN to confirm the pregnancy because of the publicity? A woman going to an OBGYN is not unusual, and not necessarily an indication of pregnancy and if it was so what. Why did she want to keep it a secret? One has to ask himself or herself that question of a woman that alleges she had two miscarriages before Trig.

She waited until she was speaking at an Oil and Gas meeting in New Orleans before sneaking out to a drug store to buy a pregnancy test kit. The test proved to be positive for pregnancy.

She then went to her OBGYN and got advice on her pregnancy. Later she learned the baby would be a boy with Down syndrome. By then the cat was out of the bag but she admits she toyed with the idea of abortion but her “beliefs” would not allow it.

Confronted with this fact she heard from God that that was what he wanted for her and her family. She wrote a letter to her family as if it was authored by God explaining his reasoning for her to have the child.

She was scheduled to speak at an Energy conference in Dallas, Texas five weeks before Trig’s due date, however when she got there she became aware of signs that the baby would be born early perhaps in Dallas. However she waited and delivered her speech and then flew back to Alaska leaking fluid and then had the baby in the Mat-Su Valley hospital. So Trig’s Alaskan birth qualified him for the benefits of claiming he was a native born Alaskan and part Eskimo. Luckily he survived his mothers self serving agenda.

She recounts her trips to Texas including the one where Trig’s life and health were placed in jeopardy by her “speaking schedule” with great fondness. Texas is a great source for conservative political donations and she has made many speaking trips to Texas before and after the presidential election. So she went to Texas for her own benefit over the danger that she might miscarry with Trig as she had twice before.

During this time Bristol also became pregnant. She alleges she was unaware the she was having sexual relations. Levi Johnston, the baby’s father, says he was living in the Palin household and sleeping with Bristol when the baby was conceived. Apparently her “principles” would not allow her to counsel Bristol on ways to avoid pregnancy and the consequences of failing to either take precautions or abstain so nature took its course. Now Bristol has become a television “expert”persona on unwed teen childbirth.

Strangely Sarah doesn’t describe the mother and daughter relationship she had with Bristol and the advice the gave her prior to allowing Levi to sleep with Bristol in her house. This book is as vague about important family matters as it is vague about politics up to this point.

She alleges for the first time that the enactment of the Alaska Gas Line Act was passed with the help of Democrats in the legislature and not her sole accomplishment although earlier in the book she speaks of it as if it was solely the result of her efforts.

There so many misconceptions about herself, her family and others, her role in life and her motivation one can only think she must be a solipsistic megalomaniac and not a committed mother or politician with ideals and values strongly held that drive her in a quest to benefit her family and the public rather than herself.



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