Sarah Palin In A Nutshell: Going Rogue: Book Review: Election Day Denouement: Post Election Travails.

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Passing From A Political Person of Interest Into A Right Wing Political And Media Celebrity

The Concession.

After casting her vote in Alaska she flew to Phoenix with her family to await the election results. Many of her friends and extended family flew into Phoenix to be present at the announcement of victory or the concession speeches. Approximately a week prior to election day the campaign had her meet with Mathew Scully and Lindsay Hayes, two speech writers, to prepare speeches to be given on election night one for a victory or one for a concession. Therefore she expected to be speaking on election night on a nationwide hook up no matter what the results.

The GOP polls forecasted a defeat and to that end she focused on a concession speech. One that extolled the virtues of John McCain and also to thank the American people for the honor of participating in a Presidential Election. She was also planning to say something in appreciation of the Bush-Cheney Administration efforts. (This is probably why they didn’t let her speak as the Bush-Cheney Administration was blamed for the economic collapse as well as our difficulties in Iraq which didn’t help their GOP candidacy and  one of the main tactics of the McCain campaign was to distance itself  from Bush and Cheney.)

On election day they all met at the Phoenix Biltmore Resort Hotel. There she was told by Steve Schmidt she would not be giving a speech as it has never been done before when a candidate was defeated and that he didn’t know why she prepared a speech in the first place. In the book she points out that John Edwards gave one when the Democrats lost in 2004 and he had been the Vice Presidential candidate.  She says Matthew Scully had previously told aides to Steve Schmidt that he was working on election night speeches for Sarah.  She met with McCain and told him she wanted to speak and thank him for choosing her to run with him.  He thanked her and said Steve Schmidt had it covered.  (Apparently Schmidt was taking no chances on Sarah at this emotional moment. A woman he perceived as a loose cannon.)

Then without any warning she was told to get ready to appear and that her husband and children would not appear with her. Todd went anyway. So she had to shoo Piper and her cousins away. McCain gave a brief concession speech and she hugged him and then it was over.
Some of her aides went to the post election farewell parties where they learned that  main campaign staffers, when it became apparent they were going to lose, had gone around to the reporters feeding them negative stories about her and her family for after election publication.

The next day Mark and Nicole Wallace came by to say goodbye, how much they loved working with her and that they loved her. (This can only interpreted as sarcasm based on prior statements in the book.)
The Wallace’s also told her that it was going to get really nasty because of the coming negative stories in the media. She wondered how the Wallace’s would know that in advance. (The inference was that the Wallace’s had participated in the dissemination of the stories in question.)

She flew back to Alaska on the day after the election and the fall out was immediate. She was still Governor and scores of Freedom Of Information Act requests were filed along with lawsuits related to alleged ethics violations requiring her and her staff to spend thousands of hours answering and defending them. This effectively prevented her from carrying out the normal duties of Governor. Most of the requests and lawsuits were from liberals or leftist out to destroy her.

Anonymous McCain aides were leaking shocking character assassinations about her to the press. So she not only was attacked from the left but by former campaign staff as well. Stories were told that the RNC lawyers had to fly to Alaska to reclaim the stolen fancy campaign clothes. Todd had Fed-Exed thirty boxes of clothes back to the RNC. (Earlier the book suggests she got rid of the wardrobe right away when the news broke but apparently not. Maybe she just set them aside.)

The national media pundits continued to speculate on her role in the campaign and as to her new future and national ambitions. This was the new normal for her and her family. She experienced the tabloidization of herself and her family. They had become tabloid celebrity fodder. There was even speculation that she and Todd were divorcing which were untrue.

Then the bloggers weighed in with accusations made up out of thin air such as Trig was not her baby or they were going to release porn pictures of her, which never materialized?

She became aware that she and her family were now grist for all types of media speculation. Even the main stream media which was supposed to be objective lost its objectivity reporting unfounded stories based on internet blogger rumors and speculation.

Her Judicial appointments were criticized by well meaning people that didn’t realize that the Alaska Judicial Council made the initial selection and presented her with a panel. Thus many times her choice was really a Hobson’s choice of the best of bad options.

Then David Letterman made an unnecessary off color joke about fourteen year old Willow and Alex Rodriguez. She was criticized as being unable to take a joke, but in this case it was about her daughter and was mean intentioned and she decided not to let it pass without criticizing Letterman for his callousness. It seemed that the media and near media were baiting her for a response so they would have news to report as she was now a newsworthy person.

She was disturbed by the Obama Administrations policies which she thought were a departure from the free market capitalism which had made this country great. This was true of the stimulus package in particular. In order to qualify for the benefits to the stimulus a state had to impose many new regulations on its citizens and it also increased the states regulatory bureaucracy to enforce the regulations. One was uniform building controls for Alaskans’ who had never had to deal with them before. ( I guess she doesn’t know Alaska is a welfare state getting five dollars for every one dollar paid to the Federal Government in taxes plus a 25% extraction fee on the value of Alaskan oil produced, passed into law by her, which would be passed on by the oil companies to oil users in the lower forty eight. So why wouldn’t the Federal government require conditions to make sure the money was spent properly? )

Thus  she passed from a  political person of interest into a right wing political  and media celebrity. (One can only wonder why the conservative public has this thirst for media personages like  Palin, Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity, O’Reilly, Coulter and others and what it means for the future of politics  when people with the slimmest of qualifications rise to be political media celebrities mouthing a no nothing  simplistic mantra. It seems the more you dumb things down the more appealing they are.  Like the invisible hand of self interest will always regulate the markets in an orderly manner.)



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