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Sarah Palin, Hockey Mom, Purchased $150,000 in Clothes at Neiman Marcus. No wonder no one wants to donate to McCain or the RNC except fat cats.

THE McCAIN SARAH PALIN AND THE ALASKA SARAH PALIN, GUESS WHICH ONE. and the AP have published stories that after Sarah Palin’s selection as a running mate by John McCain the Republican National Committee (RNC) purchased $150,000 clothing and other accessories including hair styling and make up for Sarah Palin at Neiman Marcus other expensive stores.

The expenses include $75,062 spent at Neiman Marcus in Minneapolis and $41,850 at Saks in St. Louis in early September. The committee also reported spending $4,100 for makeup and hair consulting. The expenses were first reported by

The RNC says the clothes belong to the party committee while the McCain campaign says the clothing will go to a “charitable purpose” after the campaign. McCain can’t accept private donations since he elected public funding for his campaign one of the reasons the purchase came through the RNC. Further it may not be a legal campaign expenditure either by the candidate or the RNC. McCain could not raise enough money from individual donors to equal or better the public funding. This is unheard in the case of a Republican nominee. It tells us that the public doesn’t believe in McCain’s “Straight Talk” or in his candidacy.

Palin has always sought to identify herself with middle class “hockey moms” of the battle ground states. McCain has even branded Obama as elitist. Now his advisors dress Palin in very expensive clothes from the elite Neiman Marcus and Saks. This will not play well with the women of moderate means in Pennsylvania or other battleground states like Ohio and Missouri. It’s along way from “Pat Nixon’s respectable Republican cloth coat” a reference made in Nixon’s Checkers speech.

At the last debate McCain was telling us that he was concerned with the problems of “Joe the Plumber” having to pay taxes under Obama. Joe makes about $40,000 a year so it is a pipe dream that his taxes would increase under the Obama plan which has a 250,000 threshold. This would hold true even if he got a plumber’s license and purchased the small residential plumbing business he now works for according the Plumbers Council in Ohio.

At the same time the RNC was spending almost four times what Joe makes in a year on Palin’s clothes, hair and makeup.

McCain’s “Straight Talk Express” is a long way from being what McCain describes himself to be. Under him it will be four more years of the Bush Administration’s policies which have put us where we are today, i.e. shoring up banks with middleclass taxpayer dollars, allowing the disgraced management of financial institutions to resign from the mess they have created with multi million dollar severance packages while the lower level employees are losing their jobs. One wonders if the give away to the banks and other financial institutions will ever “trickle down” to Joe mortgage payer in time to save his home from foreclosure.

Sarah Palin’s clothes are emblematic of the fact that McCain would continue the Bush “trickle down’ tax policies that favor the very high income tax payers over the average person. If she was really a middle class hockey mom she would have shopped at Macy’s or some other place that offers clothes off the rack at a reasonable price affordable to those women whose votes she seeks

If she was really a thrifty, middle class, hockey mom she would wear the clothes she already has so we would have an insight as to what kind of person she really is.




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