Political Opinion: Janet’s Bodice Rip Poor Management?

February 2, 2004 by
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Poor Management?

Janet Jackson, age 37, had her breast bared at the halftime on one the most widely watched events on television. Why? Wasn’t starring in the halftime show enough. I guess she needed to create an event that would get world wide coverage in all media not just in the tabloid media and on the outre’ net but in the legitimate media as well. This instant all media event happened strangely enough just as her new single is to be released. Was it because her record sales were falling in comparison to other newer and younger artists and she felt she could raise her consciousness in the public mind this way? Who buys her records any way? What age group? The ten to twenty somethings. Doesn’t she reach them on late night talk shows or MTV? I guess not. What about the Grammys? Well parents with children know on the music award shows things get a little bit raunchy and use discretion. So what better way to reach the demographics she wants and where parents will have their guard down than the Super bowl? A sports event with a half time show that traditionally has been patriotic or family oriented with marching bands, cheerleaders and popular entertainers on good behavior.

Of course the kids get a charge out seeing the morality of their parents challenged in anyway and particularly when the parents are present. Is Janet to blame? Only in the sense she didn’t have to be so tacky with a star nipple ring. She would have gotten less heat and more positive publicity out of the event if she had a full red bra underneath or even a flesh colored bra. There would be talk and condemnation by the NFL the FCC and the elders but the kids would have laughed and the lack of nudity would have taken the sting out of it. The only mistake here was in Janet’s managers and MTV letting her go too far.



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