Movie Review: The Big Bounce C-

February 2, 2004 by
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This picture is based on an Elmore Leonard novel and also it is a remake of an earlier film. George Armitage directed this film. He also directed Grosse Pointe Blank. Owen Wilson, Morgan Freeman, Charlie Sheen and Gary Sinise star and magazine cover model Susan Foster is the female lead with Bebe Neuwirth as the second female lead. The film is set in Hawaii. The original story was set in Leonard’s home state of Michigan.

So with all this fire power one would think this would be interesting and entertaining movie. However the picture comes off as shallow and rushed. The actors appear to be dropping in to pick up a check on their way to another gig. Even the Hawaiian setting, as beautiful as it can be, looks uncomfortable like it was shot for another movie and shoe horned in here. Perhaps the shooting schedule was too tight to allow for retakes. Perhaps there are too many inserts of Hawaiian surfing scenes, but the picture never jells. It comes off as hollow and the Elmore Leonard dialogue is never convincing the way it is on the page. Morgan Freeman, one of the most credible of actors, loses his credibility. Luke Wilson is unconvincing as the small time criminal scamster beguiled by femme fatale Susan Foster who in not believable as any thing more than a magazine cover model. Charlie Sheen comes across as someone who is trying to get his lines in as soon as possible because he needs to go to the men’s room. Bebe Neuwirth looks as if she wondering if she got into the right movie. All these people have done better work. The picture never gets the essence of Elmore Leonard. I guess no one had time to do it right.



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