Mike Huckabee: A Simple Government: Book Review. Chapter 9: BULLIES ON THE PLAYGROUND UNDERSTAND ONLY ONE THING. (Huckabee On Combating Terrorism)

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This Chapter is about the way we should respond to terrorism. He believes that we are confusing Islam and the radical Islamists. Criticism of one is not criticism of the other yet our leaders refrain from doing any. He says Obama now has called the War on Terror “overseas contingency operations.” His point is if you cannot define the enemy and name him how can you fight him? This is a silly point since the Jihadist consist of many groups that seemed to be linked and motivated by radical Islam and the concept of Jihad against the non-believers and their Muslim supporters. Publicly the government refers to Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere as well as Taliban terrorists and others like the Haqqani Network as all part of the War on Terror.


Huckabee points out that too often we confuse terrorists with criminals and apply U.S. Constitutional rights to people who are actually enemy soldiers in the civilian courts instead of military tribunals.  This is true when it can readily be perceived but sometimes people are deterred and imprisoned on the slimmest of evidence. This was based on V.P. Chaney’s one percent rule that the Terrorist had to succeed only one time out of a hundred to cause immeasurable loss of life. So it is much easier to detain a person on the slightest suspicion who may be a U.S citizen as well. How does he prove he is innocent without the protections granted by our Constitution? Abandonment of our freedoms is a goal of the Terrorists.


Huckabee thinks we have underestimated the capabilities of the enemy given the fact that the Times Square Bomber came very close to executing his plan. Also the Christmas underwear bomber managed to penetrate our security and fly to Detroit only failing to set off his bomb on the way. Huckabee fails to note that the men involved were disaffected bumblers, failures in life. However the fact that U.S. Army Major Nidal Hasan, a psychologist, at Fort Hood committed an act of Jihad murdering thirteen soldiers and an unborn child has served as a warning that we have to be watchful for people who have been radicalized by radical Islamist clerics outside the country. So nothing can be taken for granted. The fact he was an Army Major was perceived as putting him above suspicion. This despite the fact his Army medical records indicated he has having mental problems but not the kind that would indicate he would do what he did. However many mass killers have problems and that does not necessarily mean they will kill innocent people in schools or post offices etc.


All religions must be on guard against radical perversions  such as the Spanish Inquisition or the Salem Witch Hunts per Huckabee. To fight them you must know exactly what they think. Sayyid Qutb was an Egyptian radical Islamist whose thinking most radical Islamists follow today. He felt Muslims owed no allegiance to any country but only to himself and his belief in Islam. The believer is bound by religion to make Jihad and found a radical Islamist theocracy. Nasser executed Qutb in 1986 but his followers still exist like Anwar- Al Awalki a radical Islamist who grew up in the U.S and now resides in Yemen. He influenced the Christmas Bomber as well as the Times Square Bomber.


The fact that the Christmas Bomber and the Times Square Bomber got so far and that Major Hasan was able to  execute his plan indicates to Huckabee that the government was not vigilant enough nor does the various government agencies share intelligence fully. The Christmas Bomber’s father reported that he thought his son was  a religious extremist to our embassy in Nigeria. The FBI’s Joint Task force on terrorism interviewed a man who bought a condominium from the Times Square Bomber in 2004. What prompted this? Why wasn’t he on a no fly list? Huckabee believes we need even greater sharing of information between government agencies as well as increased vigilance by the public to prevail in this War On Terrorism where the terrorists want to attack us in our homeland.


Mike Huckabee recently stated he didn’t intend to run in the Republican primary races for the nomination as a candidate for president.  Allegedly he is in a comfortable place with his Fox show and $500,000 a year plus book income and speaking fees. Then he may think that this may not be a Republican year, running against an incumbent with strong campaign skills, money raising skills and a record of passing healthcare and eliminating Osama Bin Laden. There also is the problem of Huckabee raising the money necessary to win in a crowded field which may not be there. He is only 56 so he can be a candidate in 2016, when an incumbent will not be running.



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