Mike Huckabee: A Simple Government: Book Review. Chapter 1: The Most Important Form Of Government Is A Mother, Father and Children. (This Will Solve Most Problems?)

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Huckabee extols the traditional nuclear family as the best way of teaching children morals, values, self discipline and human decency. This, he says is the most basic form of government.

He points out the family unit is under assault by liberals that advocate or support single motherhood, divorce and abortion. This is especially evident in the media where single mother hood or having children before marriage is common and sets a bad example for the youth who watch or read the media which extol children born out of wedlock to media types.

In addition the nuclear family is under attack by liberalization of divorce and abortion. Gay parents raising children is an experiment he does not think will succeed because children need responsible female and male role models to emulate and draw their values from and two persons of the same sex are unable to do this. Further their parent’s dysfunctional relationship is likely to have an adverse effect on the children. Single mothers are more prevalent in blue states (Where his values are paramount.) than red states but that is because red states have easier access to abortion according to Huckabee.

Single parenthood is detrimental to raising children with the proper outlook and values because the lack of a responsible male role model and also most single mothers are unable to properly support themselves and their children. They usually depend on government welfare for support.

Huckabee believes welfare is not a government function but should be the responsibility of churches and neighbors. (One wonders why churches and neighbors are insufficient to reduce the welfare rolls already. This is a typical conservative lip service to a concept that has proven not to work. He doesn’t discuss the one system that did work and that was the unearned income credit that raised single parent families and even increased the likelihood that families would stay together by raising income above the poverty line so long as they worked and filed a tax return. Bush lowered the amount of the unearned income credit so he also lowered the benefit of the plan for low income families and society in general. )

He criticizes those with fiscal conservative values but who are socially liberal. Huckabee thinks that conservative social values strengthens the nuclear family and creates the moral and independent values that make fiscal conservativism fall into place. Thus there is less need for a vast government with entitlement programs and regulatory bodies that are unnecessary.

(Huckabee’s observation that children raised in an economically self suffient, two parent family, with a male father and a female mother are more likely to mature as responsible adults is not unreasonable. However reality tells us there will be many deviations from this norm that society has to address. Churches and neighbors more often than not do not have the resources or expertise to address the problems of single motherhood, abortion, juvenile delinquency, dysfunctional families, inadequate education and other social problems. Further in the case of churches or neighbors; often a strong social stigma is attached to these problems and the belief the parties made their own bed and should lie in it, even the innocent children. Thus they turn a blind eye to the problems in their community. The title of this book is A Simple Government but as we all know society is complex and the problems of society are best addressed by experts who also are not always right or in agreement because the solution to societies problems are not simple.) Huckabee is over simplifying reality with pie in the sky solutions.



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  1. Nuclear War in 2012 ? on Thu, 10th Mar 2011 12:16 am
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  3. Kevin on Thu, 7th Apr 2011 10:55 am
  4. I have just read A Simple Government and i think the main point is that parents and families need to take responsibilty for themselves, and not rely on government programs to sustain them. Huckabee does make the concession that there will always be a need for welfare and social programs. The return to family values is most important when trying to raise children to be self-sufficient members of society. For instance, Huckabee mentions fatherless homes and the effects that not having a father has on children, and there success in life. By having children who grow up to have good values, and being self-sufficient, the need for government intervention will be less, which solves alot of the problems in today’s politics i.e. goverment spending. It was a good review overall, and you did address some of Huckabee’s ideology that is a little…out there. However, based on Huckabee’s popularity in polls, and the fact that i disagre with the policy decisions of the Obama Administration, I will probably end up voting for Huckabee. I will be reading the rest of your reviews. I also think I should mention I am a conservative, but I did enjoy your take on the book. -Kevin

  5. Ed on Thu, 7th Apr 2011 1:08 pm
  6. Kevin: Unfortunately it is not a simple World. I am sure Huckabee would like to go back to his childhood experiences of fifty years ago when some people lived on one side of the tracks and others lived on the opposite side of the tracks and. The people on the wrong side of the tracks were thought to live there for personal failings and were left to their own devices and the charity of others to better themselves and their children. This led to social disparity especially because some children had less opportunity than the children from nuclear families living under more affulent conditions. However what ever your advantages growing up there were still plenty of good paying jobs and the hard working could make a success of their lives. Now half the high school graduates will not find a job sufficient to support a family. That is why the government is is so prevalent in our lives trying to solve the complex problems of society when were are in a process of globalization that benefits business but is damaging to both white and blue collar workers. We can’t simplify government and go back to the past that Huckabee so fondly remembers. We must go forward with new ideas and solutions to meet today’s and tomorrow’s problems.

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