Loopy Sarah Palin, the Paris Hilton of Politics, Is Still Flogging Her Death Panels Lie. Anything For Media Attention.

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The Wall Street Journal published Sarah Palin’s op-ed piece in which she is still insisting that Presidents Obama’s Health Plan, which he outlined on September 9. 2009 before a joint meeting before the Houses of Congress, contains “Death Panels.”

The text of this speech was released before hand to the media.

The President, between catcalls from Representative Wilson of South Carolina that he was lying when he said his plan will not cover illegal aliens, took the time to say that the charge that his Plan contained death panels was a “lie.” Despite this Sarah Palin is still saying it does. In her 9/9/09 WSJ op-ed piece she alleges President Obama’s Health Plan still contained “death panels.”

Apparently Murdoch has not anointed her with the status of a WSJ reporter or columnist …yet. Probably because the rest of the staff would leave.

However her statements and Wilson’s statement show the GOP doesn’t have the lunatic fringe under control; Murdock even publishes them on his WSJ op-ed page. Between her, Rushbo, Ann Coulter, Wilson and others aided and abetted by Murdock his WSJ “business newspaper” and other media interests they will polarize the debate if they haven’t done so already. Instead of cooler heads prevailing the morons will shout reasonable voices out.

Jon Healey in his L.A. Times column on 9/9/09 said:

“Never mind that lawmakers have already abandoned the proposal that gave rise to the original “death panel” hysteria, namely, a provision allowing Medicare to pay doctors no more than once every five years to counsel patients about their options for “end of life” care. (Some top geriatricians think such counseling would actually give the elderly more control by encouraging them to declare their preferences while they’re still capable of doing so. But I digress.) This time, Palin attacked Obama’s proposal to beef up MedPac – the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission. The 17-member MedPAC makes recommendations to Congress about how much doctors and hospitals should be paid for the services they provide. To insulate these decisions from political pressure, Obama has proposed giving a new version of MedPAC the power to set reimbursement levels, with Congress retaining the power to veto those decisions before they take effect. To Palin, though, this amounted to giving “an unelected, largely unaccountable group of experts” the power to make life-and-death decisions about care.”

Palin and her backers are still trying to introduce hysteria and rumors to undermine a much needed reasonable health plan. It is too bad Palin gave up her beauty queen career path as she could have been the role model for Paris Hilton



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  1. ED on Tue, 2nd Nov 2010 12:32 pm
  2. Well it turns out she did become a vacuous media celebrity with a show, Sarah Palin’s Alaska. It’s all downhill from here.

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