Libbey’s Five Million Dollar Defense Fund. Why?

November 25, 2005 by
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Is Someone Else In Jeopardy?

Republican loyalists have rallied around Libbey and committed themselves to raise a five million dollar trust for the purpose of paying Libbey’s lawyers for his defense of his recent indictment. (click here)

Since this is a private fund there is no disclosure of who donated what amount. Although Melvin Sempler, Bush’s former ambassador to Italy and a republican finance chief will be chair. Others involved are Steve Forbes, Fred Thompson the GOP actor/ politician, ex U.N. Ambassador Jean Kirkpatrick and lobbyists Bill Paxton and Wayne Berman. The major donations will be in two hundred fifty thousand dollar increments.

William Clinton had to pay his own legal bills in the White Water Investigation even when it turned into a witch-hunt led by Ken Starr. Also many other officials stood alone when charged with legal violations while in office. Most of the Watergate defendants come to mind.

Why Is There So Much Concern Over Raising Money For Libbey’s Defense?

The Bush Admistration must feel threatened by the inside knowledge Libbey has about their own knowledge and activities in the Joe Wilson/Valerie Plame matter. That is why they are circling the wagons around him to contain that information. (click here).

In other words the Administration wants to keep him in the tent pissing out rather than outside the tent pissing in. If Libbey got the idea he was being thrown to the wolves or otherwise abandoned by the Administration and their loyalists he would feel free to trade what he knows for a reduced sentence by Prosecutor Fitzgerald.

John Dean (click here) told every thing he knew about Nixon and Watergate in an attempt to obtain immunity when he thought Nixon was setting him up to be a scapegoat. In return he received a reduced sentence.

This fund is reminiscent of the Swift Boat Veteran’s For Truth fund that purchased negative ads against John Kerry in the Bush-Kerry ’04 campaign. It arose overnight with an ad campaign that was false. Bush denied any connection with the group but did not stop or deny the allegations of the ads. Karl Rove was suspected as being the instigator of the group as the ad campaign was typical of his modus operandi. Just like this defense fund for Libbey is also.

The ball is still in prosecutor Fitzgerald’s court as to how far he is willing to turn the heat up on Libbey and other unindicted defendants in his quest for the truth in this matter.

Is Prosecutor Fitzgerald Proceeding In Too Light A Manner Against Libbey and Rove?



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