LIBYA, a former client state of the Soviet Union, a thorn in the side of the Western world and most of the states in the Mid-East faced an insurgence as part of the Arab Spring.
Muammar Kaddafi a tyrannical, brutal despot in power since 1969 was prepared to massacre his own people with his air force and the heavy weapons of his army and security forces.
Over the years Kaddafi had been a top enemy of the United States.
He was responsible for the Berlin bombing killing American servicemen, the destruction of Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland killing 270 people and behind a plot to kill the King of Saudi Arabia our ally.
This book is about hard choices but the hard choice was not about assisting the insurgents in Libya but how to do it. After Iran and Afghanistan, where we shouldered a major portion of the work and fighting, the U.S. was reluctant to put boots on the ground or to even stop Kaddafi’s forces with air power.
Hillary was able to put together a consortium of states, including NATO members and also members of the Arab League. With a U.N. Resolution to use all necessary force to prevent Kaddafi from suppressing a popular uprising with superior armaments. It was decided to not only to create a no fly zone but to stop his forces on the ground.
The United states would destroy Libya’s air defense system because we were best equipped to do so and NATO members and members of the Arab league including the United Arab Emirates and Jordan would stop Kaddafi’s forces from advancing against the insurgents in their Benghazi strong hold and elsewhere in Libya by air strikes and supplies. The insurgents would do the fighting on the ground.
By summer 2011 the insurgents had gained the upper hand over Kaddafi’s forces and by the end of August Tripoli was in their hands and the Kaddafi family was forced to flee.
In October 2011 despite the fact that Kaddafi himself was still not captured Hillary decided to go to Tripoli. This was a trip not with out danger since there was a large number of surface to air missile launchers in the country.
At the airport in Tripoli she was welcomed by members of the militia from Zintin a city which had seen fierce fighting, However the fact the airport was in the hands of one militia of many that formed the insurgency was an omen of what was to come.
Hillary met with the Chairman of the National Transitional Council of Libya, Mustafa Abdul Jabril. Hillary discussed the many problems facing an orderly transition in Libya.
Kaddafi had left behind no governmental infrastructure, political parties or even a net work of NGO’s that could supply assistance and staffers for a new government. The Army and Security forces had been defeated and scattered and what was left was a hodgepodge of militias with varying philosophies and interests.
In the summer of 2012, 60% of those eligible to vote did so and elected representatives to form a new government, however the different groups were never able to form a governing consensus and the country spiraled into anarchy with the various militias in control of different areas of the country.

Hillary probably wrote this book by making a first draft dictating from her calendar and than having a staffer fill in the details which she edited adding anecdotes in an effort to make it more readable.
Phillip Bump in the Washington Post estimates she was paid an advance of $14 million and the book never came close to earning that in estimated sales of 350,000 at $35 a copy ($12.5 million.) However 350,000 doesn’t sound bad. Probably every library in the world ordered a few copies but not enough to show a profit.

Simon and Shuster the publisher is probably looking forward to a memoir if Hillary is elected president or perhaps other books from the Clinton family. We haven’t heard from Chelsea about growing up Clinton yet. Also there is the prestige of publishing the memoir of a former First Lady and Secretary of State about her term as Secretary. This can only be good for business and likely to attact other books from notables.

Hillary has left the incident involving the death of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three CIA officers for the next chapter. She also didn’t touch on the death of Kaddafi and the manner in which he expired which would have been interesting. Perhaps she will in a later chapter