Sarah Palin In A Nut Shell: Going Rogue: Book Analysis: Events Leading To Resignation. Resignation And Escape To Dillingham.

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Sarah states, in Alaska, the cost of defending suits for ethics violations while in office is to be borne by the officeholder. This soon amounted to $500,000, a sum equivalent to several years’ income for the Palin Family. At the time she had not established a legal defense fund to accept donations for this (later she did along with Sarah PAC? The Defense fund and SaraPAC raised $250,000 and $1,000,000 respectively as of July 2009 and through the end of 2009 Sarah PAC raised 2.1 million, spent 1.1 million with $ 900,000 in the bank and doled $64,000 out to candidates. Recently Palin’s personal net worth has been estimated at $12,000,000, from book sales, speaking and other media fees.)

Because of the time spent on responding to Freedom Of Information Act Requests and Ethics violations lawsuits she had no choice but to resign as Governor of Alaska. She is not a “quitter” but because of the abuse and ridicule that was heaped on her family and the financial situation she reluctantly resigned from office on July 3, 2009. Then she left for remote Bristol Bay for the Salmon Run and spent the early part of July netting Salmon.

There was only one local television station present for the resignation announcement which took place in her back yard with Lake Lucille as a backdrop. The news soon hit the national media and reporters were dispatched to interview Sarah on her future abandoning their Fourth of July weekend plans.

There is no cell phone service on Bristol Bay but there is a land line. She announced she would be available for interviews in Dillingham (Pop. About 2500) on Bristol Bay between tides and invited all the media except for CBS. (Thus she endeared herself to the media once again, by announcing only to a single local station on the day before a long holiday weekend and departing for a remote location.) She says she scheduled her announcement and the subsequent press conferences and interviews at a location with poor communications facilities to show the media what rural Alaska looked like.
As a result the reporters had to give up their weekend with their families to cover her resignation. (Thus the champion of family values is pretty callous about the families of the media. The irony of all this is it’s the media that shaped her public persona and established her as a celebrity.  Maybe Joe McGinniss will tell who Sarah Palin  really is. )

She alleges that she was the victim of a liberal political assault that drove her from office by harassment much like Newt Gingrich was in the nineties. She claims this was a tactic developed by Saul Alinsky a community organizer from Chicago whose strategies and tactics were adopted by Rahm Emmanuel, as stated in his book “The Thumpin”. (Compared to Whitewater and the Ken Starr’s political persecution of the Clinton’s her treatment was mild and it’s obvious she had the financial means or knew it was available before she resigned to fight her adversaries and remain Governor .

Looking at history the abuse Abraham Lincoln and his wife Mary took ending in his assassination makes her reasons for resigning look like a joke. Even Nixon only abandoned elective office when it was clear he would be impeached.

However if anyone developed these hardball tactics it was Lee Atwater and his acolyte Karl Rove. Rove’s modus operandi was not just to file civil suits but with the aid of Alberto Gonzales and others to file criminal suits not just against the losing candidates perceived as a threat but also their supporters and donors.

Many people who supported the Democrats ended up defending themselves on frivolous  alleged felony  violations of the political campaign laws or other federal violations  pPreviously treated as misdemeanors.

These prosecutions were brought not by the RNC or some private organization but by the U.S. Attorney General’s office . Many were jailed for political reasons and lost there livelihoods because of these tactics.)

Before she resigned to “protect” her family she says Bristol was attacked for trying to become a spokes person against teen pregnancy by advocating abstinence. The message in the book was that Bristol was using some type of contraception and it failed or the teenagers didn’t use it correctly and she became pregnant. Therefore the only safe practice is abstinence.
Also Trig’s picture was photo shopped to make him look like a monster and posted on the web. Even Track her son serving in Iraq was aware of the media attacks on the family and concerned enough to call her about it. She says his advice was to hang on.

She alleges the reason for her resignation was lack of finances (apparently not true) and to protect her family from the media. (However she has always inserted her family into her politics. They appeared at campaign rallies and press conferences with her and she campaigned on the fact she was a mother with five kids and one  was a special needs child. Many pages in this book celebrate her motherhood with anecdotes about her children. She’s always put them out front as a political strategy. Hillary by contrast kept Chelsea mainly out of the spotlight even though she was an adult.  Her whole political life has been dominated by the conservative mantra which she mouths at every opportunity and the mommy hood ploy.)

The inescapable conclusion is  she deserted the people of Alaska who voted for her to be Governor  when it became  convenient for her.