Sarah Plain In A Nut Shell: Going Rogue: Book Review: Campaign: Final Days: Accusations Of Treachery And Recriminations.

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Tempest In A Tea Pot
After the “Joe The Plummer Tour” the wardrobe controversy broke on October 22 2008, the headline read, “RNC Shells Out 150k For Palins Fashion.” Palin says the headline was misleading. First: she never asked the “New York stylists” to purchase the wardrobe, many of the items were never worn and many of the items were intended for other people than herself. She and her family  never went on  shopping trips to buy the items in question and in the end the items were returned. She contends that she was characterized as a “Diva” and her family was made to feel like a bunch of hillbillies who didn’t know how to dress. (The allusion to the New York stylist is probably to Nicolle Wallace and her staff who once worked for Katie Couric,  Palin’s perceived nemesis along with the Wallaces and Steve Schmidt in this book.)

(The sources are not mentioned but one wonders how the press got the information about the wardrobe. Maybe the pirate ship had leaks. It certainly detracted from her image as the middleclass hockey mom struggling to bring up a family.)

End Days: Accusations Of Treachery and Recriminations.
When she did one of the interviews with Couric she wore a pink Dolce and Gabbana jacket she bought at a consignment store in Alaska. She told a crowd in Florida that “those clothes were never mine just like the lighting and staging they were bought by the RNC. I’m… now… wearing the clothes I bought from my favorite consignment shop in anchorage. She had told the truth but the campaign leaders admonished her again for going off script again.

By then she says the campaign was in free fall , their numbers were declining and the gears of the campaign machinery were not meshing. There was internal dissention and one side was blaming the other for events gone wrong. She and her staff wanted to” take the gloves off” and tell the people some facts about the Obama side they need to now. However the campaign leaders decided otherwise nor would it hold the press accountable for biased reporting.

However there were internal leaks to the press that she was a diva, a terrible pick and she constantly went off script. Randy Scheunemann confronted Steve Schmidt about the souces of these criticisms and asked if they were Nicolle and Mark Wallace. Schmidt say no.

It appeared to her that the leaders of the campaign saw they were going to lose and were criticizing the B Team (her campaign team). Schmidt told Randy they were “screwing” up, the Governor wasn’t doing serious “homework” and she might be suffering from” post partum depression.” Randy told Schmidt that was not the case.

It seem to her in the final days of the campaign when everyone should have been working hard they were gathering a stock of half truths and innuendoes to destroy her reputation . Politico the internet site had already ran a story implying this saying Schmidt planned to destroy her reputation in order to save his own.

CNN’s Dana Bush wrote an article saying that the campaign was accusing Palin of going rogue and trying to bust free of what she perceived as a damaging and mismanaged campaign. McCain sources said they wondered if her acts were deliberate when she labeled robo ( telephone) calls to prospective voters irritating and telling reporters that she disagreed with the campaigns decision to pull out of Michigan.

Palin felt that she was being thrown under the media bus by the campaign leaders leaking false accusations to the press to protect themselves against blame for losing the campaign which they perceived as already lost. It dumbfounded her that that campaign was preoccupied with these leaks and petty bickering instead of finishing strong.
Later when the Randy -Schmidt confrontation was made known Schmidt contradicted Randy’s version.

(It’s kind of obvious at this point that Palin believes Mark and Nicolle Wallace were the source of the leaks with Schmidt’s approval and perhaps Schmidt was a direct source of some of the leaked criticism.)

She wanted to give three major policy speeches on Energy, Special Needs Children and Woman’s issues and she wanted to write and edit them herself intertwining  her own experiences, as a woman, governor of an oil producing state, and a mother. The campaign scheduled the first speech on Special Needs Children in a forty seat hotel ball room. The B team got it rescheduled to Pittsburgh with a large turnout. She wasn’t allowed to write her own speech but she did rework a special needs expert’s speech adding her own experiences. Later she gave speeches on Energy and Woman issues despite the main campaigns lack of help and promotion. She was surprised the main campaign failed to focus on these areas of her expertise earlier because when she gave the speeches they were received with enthusiasm by large crowds.

The next faux pas on her and her staff’s part was in accepting a prank call from two Montreal disc jockeys pretending to be Nicolas Sarkozy. She believed the call to be real and answered many questions naïvely and made many unsophisticated comments. Steve Schmidt and the campaign leaders went berserk. She blames the mishap on unnamed staff members who set the call up and put it through. She also notes many other prominent people had been tricked by these pranksters in the past including Sarkozy himself.

On November 3, she made as many campaign stops as possible in Ohio, Missouri, Iowa, Colorado and Nevada before flying home to Alaska to cast her vote on election day,  November 4, and then flying to Phoenix for either to celebrate a win or make a concession speech . She would follow God’s plan for her no matter that the GOP polls were predicting a defeat.