Sarah Palin In A Nut Shell: Going Rogue: Book Review: Campaigning After The Debate. Grasping At Straws On The Down Hill Slide.

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From Wearing  An Expensive Wardrobe: Trying to Bond With The Lower Middle That Joe The Plumber Was Supposed To Represent: The Campaign Was Never Well Thought Out And Never Focused: Stumbling From One Failed Strategy To Another.

The staff decorated the Jet Blue campaign jet with stickers and posters given to them by well wishers on the rope lines. The Jet Blue pilots even had a pair of moose antlers in the cockpit. They had a map displayed for visitors to the plane to sign.  Thus the campaign was on the road after the Biden Debate.
The staff noticed that the Democrats received extra, positive, media coverage whenever a “liberal” celebrity attended their events.  So it was decided the campaign would accept the offers of “common sense” celebrity supporters  to attend their rallies and events and  to that end  Robert Duval and his wife, Jon Voight, and Janine Turner helped by appearing . Gretchen Wilson even rode along in the campaign plane.
Other “patriots” joined them on the campaign trail including Hank Williams Jr., John Rich, Naomi Judd and Lee Greenwood. (Naomi Judd is the actress characterized as a pretty, perky, celebrity recruited to oppose Alaska’s scientifically managed wolf control program. It seems like Judd went from an airhead actress to a common sense patriot in a matter of a few chapters.)
Along the way they picked up support from other common sense, patriotic celebrities like Mike Ditka, Brady Quinn, Aaron Tippin and the Bellamy brothers.

(While these “celebrities” are known, some nationally some regionally, they are certainly not from the A list and maybe not even from the B list so of what value to her campaign, if any, they  were is debatable.)

The Orange County Choppers appeared at a Media, Pennsylvania rally “tattooed up and looking good” on their motorcycles. (Looking good to whom and of what value oneI wonders?One also wonders how much campaign money was spent to get them there.)
She says she shared insights and ideas with Bono and John did  also with Warren Beatty while on the campaign trail. (This sounds like a fantasy no wonder they lost if they were dreaming they were sharing insights and ideas with Bono and Beatty.)
Reverend Rick Warren called so she could pray with him telephonically for the strength of the campaign while she was in the shower.  “You do what you gotta do,” she says.
Aside from the celebrities there were many ordinary people who   offered good wishes and inspiration during the campaign and the campaign decided to focus on these regular people. (Duh.)
One of them was Joe the Plumber real name Joe Wurzelbacher from Ohio who caught on with the media when he spoke with Obama about taxes that he might have to pay on a business he intended to buy in the future. (Joe, who was delinquent in paying taxes at the time he spoke to Obama never had the resources to buy the business then or later and now seems to be trying to establish himself as a celebrity speaker at political and other conservative events.) This is the “ordinary “people  the campaign focused on with the emphasis that the Obama tax plan would hurt the small business man and even working men and woman .

Another was Tito Munoz  who wore a yellow hard hat, a reflective vest with construction worker written on the back and who owned a small construction company.  (Sounds like he was sent out from central casting.  His obvious ploy never caught on with the media like Joe the Plumber did. I guess the reporters are not as dumb as she says they are.)

Their Joe The Plumber Tour played out all across America with people coming out with signs like Nguyen the grocer, Theresa the teacher, Tom the real estate agent, Greg the teleprompter guy and Wendy the waitress
She complains while the media ignored Tito Munoz and his ilk except for Joe they also failed to focus on the fact  that Obama had a long association with Bill Ayers a Chicago activist and a former member or the Weather Underground or  Pastor Jeremiah “God Damn America” Wright.  (This is not correct Obama spoke on National   television and admitted that he knew these people but did not share their beliefs and in the end disassociated himself from Pastor Wright. Thus defusing these associations as issues.)
For years she had been told she looked like Tina Fey of Saturday Night Live. This resemblance was also recognized by SNL and Tina Fey did an air head impersonation of Palin that became an overnight sensation and probably made her a movie star.  The campaign decided to try and neutralize the effect of Fey’s impersonation by accepting an offer to appear on SNL whose members were perceived as liberal Obama supporters. She met Fey and Alec Baldwin and the meeting was cordial. However Oliver Stone also made an appearance on the show and she “did not shake his hand.”  She did chide Alec about his brother Stephen who was a McCain –Palin supporter.  In a skit where Baldwin thinks she is Fey he says to Lorne Michaels, “God Lord Lorne you cannot  let Tina go out there with that woman.  What’s that name they call her Cari…Cari.  What’s that naming Tina?”
Palin answers,”That’d be Caribou Barbie.”
Then Lorne introduces Sarah to Baldwin as Governor Palin…
Then she announces the famous opening, “Live From New York, it’s Saturday Night. “
This campaign was always grasping at straws that in the end did not work out. First McCain anointed Palin as a running mate; she could draw a crowd but not the Middle America they needed to win. They tried celebrities, then they focused on Joe The Plumber and his many imitators for middle class color and domestic tax issues, then they went on SNL, a show that had ridiculed Palin and was obviously pro Obama.  All this was in vain because the election deciders, the independents and moderate voters were not persuaded they had more to offer than the Obama Biden ticket.