Amber Frey, Misguided? Misused? Laci’s Voice? Prosecution Witness? Author? Millionairess?

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Who Profited From Laci Peterson’s Death? Does This Sound Like Jerry Springer Material?

Scott and Amber Celebrating Christmas

Amber Frey quotes the Bible more than fifty times in her book, “Witness For The Prosecution,”
which happens to be number one on The New York Times best seller list. In the book she describes herself as “Laci’s Voice.” Laci of course is dead and has no say in Amber’s description of herself as her voice in the prosecution of her husband Scott Petersen. It would be wonderful to have Laci’s testimony as to the facts. However that can never be and for Amber to claim she is “Laci’s Voice” is presumptuous at best and baffling as she was sleeping with her husband before she died. It seems Laci would hardly want Amber to speak for her in life or death. Scott is now on death row convicted for the murder of Laci and her male fetus to be named Conner. Conner is a name selected by Laci and Scott. One would think that if anyone would qualify as “Laci’s Voice” it would be her mother Sharon Rocha who would best know her daughter’s relationship with her husband.



If No Conviction Would There Have Been A Book Or Maybe Only A Playboy Spread And A Mud Wrestling Trip To Japan With Tonya Harding Like Paula Jones?

Amber was Scott’s girlfriend, paramour, mistress, passing fancy, occasional sex partner or as Amber puts it a serious suitor for her attention. The facts seem to indicate a passing sex fancy. Amber denies she knew Scott was married until she was told by a Fresno police friend and later realized that the missing woman in the news was married to the Scott Peterson she first met on November 20, 2002. This realization came on December 29, 2002. Laci had been missing since December 25 and that fact had been on the news since at least December 26, 2002.

Whatever Scott’s relationship with her it obviously was a meretricious one and it is a long step for a woman who was having sex with Laci’s husband in the period before her disappearance and death to call herself, “Laci’s Voice.” In fact Amber states it was Gloria Allred, her attorney and media spokesperson, that told her she was “Laci’s Voice.”

Scott’s affair, with Amber if it rose to that level, was presented as major motive by the prosecutor for Laci’s death. She is allegedly the woman Scott killed Laci to be with.

Given the facts about Amber and Scott this is pretty thin motivation and Scott’s whole prosecution was tainted with the lack of evidence of a rational motive and any evidence linking him directly with the crime. See Scott Peterson and The Death Penalty. (click here)

Peterson appears to have been convicted by mass hysteria. Amber hired Gloria Allred, a lawyer, skilled in representing women in the media like Paula Jones. She became Amber’s advisor and spokesman in the same fashion Susan McMillan was Paula Jones’ representative and spokesman after Allred left. Allred allegedly represented Amber on a pro bono basis although she recieved copious media coverage as Amber’s representative and spokesperson. This is the type of coverage that made Johnny Cochran a nationally known lawyer. This type of publicity is more valuable than gold to lawyers.

Also Amber was able to secure a book deal with Harper Collins/ Regan books. Judith Regan said she knew Ms. Allred who arranged the deal. Exactly who wrote the book is any one’s guess although Amber acknowledges the help of four editorial and manuscript people at the end of the book. Now her media attention has made her book about her relationship with Scott before and after Laci’s disappearance and murder in which she portrays herself as “Laci’s Voice” a best seller.

Amber is a woman who allegedly met Scott through a female friend, Shawn Sibley. Scott met Shawn at a convention in Anaheim where she gave Scott Amber’s telephone number and he called her in Fresno. Scott lived in Modesto about two blocks from Amber’s sister Ava. However no one in this group had ever met or knew of the existence of each other until Scott Called Amber for a date one fateful day in November according to Amber.

Their first meeting was at the Elephant Bar in Fresno. Then Amber went to Scott’s hotel room and waited while he showered and changed. He told her he was single and lived in Sacramento. He said he was a fertilizer salesman who traveled a lot for business and pleasure. She told him she was a self-employed masseuse. Both said they were looking for a serious, permanent relationship. They went out after having chocolate covered strawberries and champagne in Scott’s hotel room. Later they returned to the same hotel room and stayed the night together and had sex.

A law enforcement friend of Shawn revealed that Scott was married and she confronted him with the fact on December 6, 2002. Scott said his wife had passed away and begged Shawn, who was allegedly Amber’s best friend, not to tell Amber until he did. She agreed. Scott did tell Amber his wife had “passed away.” This was on December 9, 2002. This fact of Laci’s “passing away” as alleged on 12/9/02 was an easily verifiable fact and this woman who calls herself “Laci’s Voice” could have called Laci and told her about Scott. If in fact Scott killed her then “Laci’s Voice” might have saved Laci’s life. This presents a huge contradiction in Amber’s allegation she was concerned about Laci and that she became “Laci’s Voice”.

Amber is a woman who admits to three conceptions out of wedlock one of which ended in an abortion and the others in two children, one, a girl, Ayiana, born 2/20/01 and a boy, Justin, born about four months ago. Ayiana was fathered by a man whose girlfriend threatened to scratch Amber’s eyes out. One wonders how Laci would have felt about her if she knew about her and Scott. She conceived a third time with another man before she testified against Scott and this second child, Justin was born before Scott was convicted and sentenced to death on December 13, 2004. The father is allegedly Dave Markovich who is litigating visitation rights with Amber at the present time.

Amber also has had nude pictures of herself posted on the Internet which she alleges was done without her consent. However she did pose for them and they were posted at Google Images.

Amber sued the original photographer to take her pictures down as she alleges she did not sign a release when she posed for the pictures. However the pictures are still advertised on the Internet. Junkyard Willie on his site says that having seen the photos he believes she is not worth killing anyone over. And Willie sounds like a man who would know.

In the book Amber portrays herself as a loving mother who is a churchgoer. She quotes the Bible so often in her book one wonders if she used it as a theological justification of herself and her life “style” to “make” a book because everything in the book was already made known in the media. See Court T.V
. or on the internet. Then one wonders, again, if this witness who needed a media consultant and spokesperson before the trial actually wrote the book. One has to ask if there was no conviction would there have been a book? Probably not, maybe only a Playboy spread and a mud wrestling trip to Japan with Tonya Harding Like Paula Jones and then Jerry Springer.