George Bush And The Theatre Of The Absurd

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Almost everybody has noticed by now that when George Bush talks to the public either on television or to a large audience he makes it a practice to talk down to his audience and sometimes he speaks using redundant parables. Perhaps this is a ploy to connect with the religious in his audience although the parables are more simplistic and less apt than those used in the Bible.

Despite the seriousness of the devastation of Hurricane Katrina and the flooding of New Orleans George Bush was talking like this whole event was caused by a freak storm, of which he and his Administration had no warning. He stayed in Crawford (steadfastly refusing to meet Cindy Sheehan) until three days after Katrina struck the Gulf Coast and although he was within a few hundred miles of the damaged area he merely flew low over the Gulf Coast safe in Air Force One on the way back to Washington at six hundred plus miles an hour. An absurd act.

Then another four days went by before relief in the form of food and water was brought in to those thousands of homeless people on the Gulf coast and New Orleans. This is strange because the media had their camera crews and remote broadcasting trucks everywhere on the Gulf Coast before the hurricane, during the hurricane and after the hurricane. However Homeland Security, FEMA and the other Federal agencies were nowhere to be found. At first the administrators responsible said a disaster of this magnitude was a state or local matter and in the case of Homeland Security it was mainly concerned with terrorism. This Department includes the Coast Guard and FEMA amongst other domestic guardians. Then a new round of the Theatre Of The Absurd began when public opinion polls revealed the public was holding George Bush and his Administration responsible for the disaster caused by the delayed relief effort.

Bush Is Running Up Against The Principles Of Abraham Lincoln

Bush immediately took to the airwaves saying he,” was going to have an investigation as to what was done right (practically nothing) and what was done wrong (a lot).” This is an absurd statement to make in the midst of a crisis needing immediate attention. He had his picture taken in a hanger with some Coast Guard helicopters while praising the rescue work being done. Meanwhile the news media was showing pictures of dead people floating in the streets of New Orleans and broadcasting eyewitness accounts of how the old, infirm, young and poor were left without food or water for seven days. Then he met with firemen flown in from Oregon to an Atlanta staging area for another photo-op where he is shown in shirtsleeves walking with these firemen in their firefighting gear. He looks like he is rolling up his shirt sleeves to do something as if he was some where close to the disaster and was digging in to help. The fireman have since torn off their FEMA T-shirts and refused any further photo events with Administration officials. Finally he announced that he is sending Vice President Cheney to the devastated area “to make sure every thing that could be done was being done.” Far too little too late and another absurd act. Media reporters and internet bloggers are going wild pointing out all the obvious failures of Bush and his staff to meet this crisis and the subsequent media cover-up by his office. (click here)

This media Theatre Of The Absurd would be funny if so many people were not dead due to his indifference and in competence. His post Katrina actions indicates how unsophisticated he and his administration think the American people are. He and his staff think all he has to do is to make a few appearances like he did when he landed on the Aircraft Carrier Abraham Lincoln off the coast of California and announced the war in Iraq was over when it in fact was just beginning. Apparently he believes his or Karl Rove’s staged PR events will be perceived as the truth. Wasn’t it Abraham Lincoln that said, “You may fool all the people some of the time, you can even fool some of the people all of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all the time.” Bush has been a sad joke amongst many people for a long time and that number is growing according to the polls.

The only problem is he has three more years in office and during that time he is the man who is selecting the new Chief Justice and Associate Justice of the Supreme Court. Judges who will be making decisions affecting every American for as long as thirty years. I am sure many people in New Orleans said; “May God help us because George Bush is not going to do the right thing.” This applies to his other responsibilities to all the American people as well. Bush has demonstrated on many occasions his sociopathic qualities in that the effect of his acts are contrary to the well being of the majority of Americans. Meanwhile The Theatre Of The Absurd Goes On.



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