Distorting The Public Perception Of Reality.

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Bob Woodard Now States That He Was Told By An “Undisclosed” High Administration Official That Joe Wilson’s Wife Was A CIA Employee Before Libbey Told Judith Miller According To Libbey’s Indictment.

Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald has convened a new grand jury to look further into the Valerie Plame matter when recently a high administration official told him that he disclosed to Bob Woodard of the Washington Post and Watergate fame that Joe Wilson’s wife was a CIA employee working on weapons of mass destruction in mid June 2003. This is before I. Lewis Libbey was alleged to have disclosed Valerie Plame’s identity to Judith Miller on June 23, 2003.

However this will not effect Libbey’s Indictment because he was not charged with disclosing Plame’s identity but lying to the FBI and before the grand jury and obstruction of justice.(click here).However the investigation of the Plame matter is on going and another high admistration official (undisclosed at this point) has admitted talking to reporters before Libbey. The race is on by the news media to determine who that high administration official could be.

This Whole Matter Suggests The Administration Has Manipulated and Corrupted The Media To Get Its Propaganda Out.

Distorting The Public Perception Of Reality.

The Valerie Plame matter reveals how the Administration can make a superstar out of a reporter by leaking information to him or her and withholding it from other reporters. That’s why Bob Woodard and Judith Miller are or were reporters high up on the Washington food chain while others labored in the Washington vineyards for years without achieving national prominence. It also helps if you represent the Washington Post, The New York Times or Time magazine. These media sources are the news leaders for the hundreds of other newspapers, magazines and electronic news media through out the United States. They print the stories and the other media pick it up and further republish it.

That is why an undisclosed high administration official like Rove Or Libby working alone or in concert can shape the way news is seen and reported in Washingtonand in the World.. The “investigative” reporters become mere mouthpieces for the Administration’ propaganda or spin. If it had not been a crime to reveal Valerie Plames covert status with the CIA none of this manipulation would have come to light. If she was a non covert employee the CIA would not have had grounds to file a complaint with the Justice Department and a special prosecutor would not have been appointed and
the machinations of the Bush Administration to discredit, Joseph Wilson, a source critical of the Administration’s grounds for justifying the war in Iraq would not have come to light. Wilson would have been skewered in the Bush Administration’s blitz against him for daring to speak out on the deceptions created by the Administration and given to Congress and the American people about weapons of mass destruction allegedly stockpiled in Iraq as justification for going to war in Iraq.

Why Does Libbey need a 5 million dollar defense fund raised by Republican loyalists?



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