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Bradley Manning, 25, who provided Wiki Leaks with more than  700,000 files, will be eligible for parole in about seven years. N. Y. Times.


Bradley Manning,  who now wishes to be known as Chelsea Manning  and desires hormone therapy and possibly sex change surgery while in jail, was sentenced on August 21, 2013. One wonders how he was accepted in Army Intelligence in the first place and given a secret clearance. No one else seems to have accepted him in life. He was not welcome in his fathers house and uncomfortable in his mothers house and apparently couldn’t hold a job.His boyfriend broke up with him.  He was not well received in his unit in Iraq possibly because he was effeminate small had a caustic personality and subject to outbursts of emotion.


About the only organization other than the Army that had a use for him was Wiki Leaks. There is some speculation as to whether he got direction as to what to download out the millions of documents available and how to get the files out of his camp with out detection. Allegedly he smuggled the data on a memory card in a camera. Then he transferred it to Wiki Leaks. Just how is unclear. One would have thought that such a massive transfer of data to an organization like Wiki Leaks located in foreign countries (England and Iceland) would have been detected and flagged by the venerable NSA program called  Prism or at least some one with authority would have noticed that all this data was downloaded and being sent from a war zone if that was where Manning made the transfer. Twelve to fifteen pages of communications between Manning and someone the Army believes to be Julian Assange were introduced at his trial.


Where was the Army counter intelligence when all this was happening?  Who was responsible for counter intelligence in his unit where he was turning over tables in fits of anger and complaining that he wanted to be a woman. He told Army counselors and psychologists that he was very unhappy and thought of himself as a female.  The persons who were charged from the unit level all the way up to the NSA other intelligence agencies were again asleep at the switch again.


The information available before 9/11 might have prevented the attack if it was shared by the government agencies charged with protecting the United States but it wasn’t. This brought about the policy that provided for a general exchange of classified material between government departments. This is how  an emotionally disturbed confused and naive person  like Manning came to have access.


Now that the Army has sentenced Bradley Manning it and the other agencies charged with the responsibility of preventing leaks like this  should look at themselves and their  procedures to insure the safety of classified documents. The Army and other government agencies usually discipline the supervisors of malefactors. In the Abu Ghraib matter it was handled  by relieving the general in charge of her command and  reducing her  to colonel. While this is a stern punishment it is not 35 years. The careers of the people in charge of Manning and security in general will be effected.


Suppose Manning had been someone like Major Nidal Hasan the psychologist Jihadist responsible for the Fort Hood massacre where would the documents have gone and would they have been ever detected as copied and transferred? One wonders if this has not already happened to other materials.


Seven Hundred Thousand files downloaded and then transferred to Wiki Leaks and no one knows about it until after the fact? 

POST SCRIPT; Manning by playing the transgender card may be eligible for parole in 6.5 years or clemency now. Also the Army may not have the facilities to accommodate people with transgender issues or may not want to deal with it and the publicity it will bring. See this Article in Slate.

Why Chelsea Manning May Get Out of Jail Much Sooner Than You Think … via @slate





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