Barack Obama: The Audacity Of Hope. (Thoughts On Recapturing The American Dream). 2006. Prologue. Book Review.

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In 2006 Barack Obama published his second book. His first book Dreams From My Father, about his life up to entering law school was written after he had graduated from law school. It initially had a lack luster reception but upon his election to the Senate it was re-released and became a best seller.  In this book he tells us of his experiences after law school. Upon graduation he went back to Chicago where he became a civil rights lawyer, a lecturer at the University Of Chicago Law School, married Michelle and had two girls and eventually, after being a political activist (He is considered responsible for registering 150,000 voters in behalf of the Democratic Party), he decided to become a candidate for political office. He first ran on the state level and then on the Federal level. He dedicates this book to the women who raised him, his grandmother Tutu and his mother Ann.

Despite a lukewarm reception at his entrance into politics on his  first run for the state senate by perseverance and hard work he won.  Next after a failed attempt at a congressional seat he decided to run for U.S. Senate. Michelle was dubious but she supported him. This  decision was also greeted coolly by the power brokers in Illinois as he was running against a wealthy Republican incumbent, Peter Fitzgerald. However fortune smiled on him when the incumbent dropped out of the race because of a scandal and the Republicans were forced to bring in a candidate from another state with wild ideas like some of the candidates in the Republican runoff of 2011.

Campaigning on a state wide basis with a low budget was rigorous and stressful on family life but it caused him to speak directly with many voters and learn their hopes and fears.

Basically the average voter wanted a secure job, a decent education for the children, health care at a reasonable cost, a clean environment, safety from criminals and terrorists and a retirement with security and dignity. This book is based on those discussions he had during his during his successful campaign for the Senate.

He states that his own philosophy resembles more closely the editorials found in the N.Y. Times rather than the The Wall Street Journal. The book discusses those things that unite us as well as those that divide us and the common values that can lead us to a new consensus. He rejects politics that is founded solely on racial identity, gender, identity, sexual orientation, or victim-hood.  He believes that our culture and values are important as our GDP. His first book was written in his late twenties before he had decided to run for political office while this book was written after he had become an experienced politician and probably with an eye on the Presidency.



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