What motivation did Mitt Romney have to pick Paul Ryan as his Vice Presidential running mate? After a bruising primary where all his opponents were to the right of him Romney managed  to win out because he was better organized and had more campaign money at his disposal to overwhelm his opponents trying to run on grassroots appeal to the far right.   Then he picks one of the more conservative members of Congress who brings with him his own draconian budget proposal and is on record as being against abortion, contraception, Medicare, affordable healthcare, social security and most other social programs to help the poor, unemployed, disabled or old. He has voted against the dream act so the undocumented, mostly Hispanic, young adults who were raised in this country when their parents brought them here, mostly at a young age, have to face the prospect of being deported to a strange country and culture by now foreign to them. President Obama has given them a provisional remedy but it can reversed by if he is not reelected.

What is the strategy? By nominating Ryan Romney is alienating older voters dependent on Social Security and Medicare for survival, women who wish to control their own bodies and Hispanics who would like to see protection for  un documented  children who have been living here 15 to 20 years and are thoroughly American in all ways except citizenship. Didn’t Romney’s forbears forsake the U.S. for Mexico where they could practice polygamy without interference? He still has uncles and cousins in Mexico. He might be in the same situation if his father hadn’t chosen to come back to the U.S. earlier.

By moving to the right did he hope to solidify the base. Who were they going to vote for if they didn’t vote him? Paul a fringe candidate who has no chance of winning?  Romney should have chosen a more centrist Republican to run with him perhaps a woman that way he would have been perceived as moderate republican no matter how he secretly intends to govern. Probably he will govern as the polls tell him.

Withholding his tax returns is dumb unless he has committed a felony which is unlikely as the IRS would already has discerned that. Probably as a result as the downturn in 2008 and after he has capital gains losses that lowered his tax rate perhaps to zero. However he should meet the challenge head on and say I made the money and I have a duty to protect my wealth for myself, my family and my descendants. Therefore my advisors said I was legally entitled to pay at the rate  that I did.

That’s what the Republicans are all about anyway, protection of their earned or inherited wealth even if it means some children will starve or that the uninsured or elderly will perish without adequate health care or social programs that will ease poverty and the consequences of old age.