Mitt Romney: No Apology: Chapter Four: Pathways of American Power: Book Analysis. THE REINCARNATION OF DR STRANGE LOVE.

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Romney delineates the types of power available to the United States in dealing with other countries and groups and what he thinks we lack in defense spending now in this chapter.


Soft power includes diplomacy, economic power including aide programs and sanctions, persuasion and military power when used as a threat to back up your words. He also vaguely alludes to other sources such as cultural influences like American media i.e music, movies, music videos, writings etc. In general the creations of American artists, writers and thinkers which reflect American thought and values and the vibrancy of our intellectual and cultural life.

He is critical of the recent past use of theses soft powers to influence other nations to our way or thinking or to join us in endeavors like the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and the War Against Terror .  He believes they have been underused and/or not used effectively. (He doesn’t name any one in particular but obviously he must be referring to the Bush II Administration and the neo conservatives Bush brought with him with their attitude of  its either our way or the highway. This led to lukewarm support of our policies in Iraq, Afghanistan and  the War On Terror. Which he believes has not been effectively corrected by the Obama Administration. President Obama has received the Nobel Peace Prize, a notable use of soft power by tiny Norway to recognize and influence others to do good works.) So while this is a good idea it has already been put in practice.


Romney avers the persuasive power of a strong and technologically up to date military to demonstrate that we have the ability to enforce American policies that are strongly held. (This idea has been a basic element of American policy since at least WWII so Romney is rehashing old ideas that are accepted policy already. Later he discusses the amount we should spend on creating that power.)

He criticizes the  Clinton Administration for reducing the size of the military after the Cold War ended. .


Romney states that we need a strong defensive capability in the face of the threats we now  face.  Defense spending  is now  at 3.8% of GDP as compared to 34.5%  in 1944 during the height of WWII. (This is  a false comparison since the GDP  in 1944 was 218 billion and the 2009 GDP, coming out of a recession, was  almost 15 trillion dollars. So even with an inflationary adjustment of 9X we still are spending nearly the same on defense. 75.21 billion in 1944 compared to 680 billion in 2009. Thus he is calling for an even greater expenditure on defense then we were proportionately spending at the height of WWII.)

Romney goes on and states the areas that need increased defense spending including more Army divisions, more ships at sea and more bomber squadrons. (However many of these “needed” increases are on the old and not on development of the new.  Secretary Gates who is a Republican has decided what is necessary and what should be eliminated in terms of our ability to defend ourselves in cyberspace, space and at diverse places on the planet. This includes maintaining a strong defense to act as a deterrent to would be attackers be they nations or terrorists. Who would you believe on defense Romney or Gates?)

Romney wants to update our nuclear arsenal with both strategic and tactical weapons. (This is in conflict with the bipartisan long range plan of eliminating nuclear weapons from the planet because they have the potential of destroying life on the planet. If we start increasing our capability what will China and Russia think and do. Do we need another arms race of Armageddon type weapons?)

He wants to increase our ability to conduct counter insurgency and land war because after Iraq and the continuing war in Afghanistan our military forces have been depleted and exhausted including the National Guard and the Reserve. (This is being done as we speak. The present government is drawing down our forces in Iraq and plans to do the same in Afghanistan.)

Romney thinks we need to increase our Navy for greater control of the seas in the face of a regional buildup of naval capability by China and Russia. (Short of all out war we will always be in a poor position to confront China or Russia on their home waters no matter what size Navy we have.) Romney has the same plans for air power and space control. (No one on the planet has put offensive weapons in space although the Chinese have demonstrated their ability to defend themselves from surveillance by satellites in a crude demonstration.)

Romney wants to spend more money on counterinsurgency forces and for defense against asymmetric warfare. (We are already doing this in the Gates led Pentagon and with the National intelligence agencies. These budgets were significantly increased after 9/11.)

This chapter sounds like it was written by someone other than a military expert and reviewed and passed on by Romney while he was at a ball game eating hotdogs. If any apologies are due Romney should apologize to the reader for this chapter. It is no wonder Palin’s book, as unsophisticated as it is, out sold this book by at least a hundred to one.

If we listened to Romney we would be in a new arms race that included space, cyberspace and nuclear weapons.


Barbadoro Girls? Will they make a new ad for Romney:

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 WILL Mitt Romney Triplets Take On ANEW Obama Girl Attack Ad?


Just as the Obama Girl professed her love for Barak Obama and the Giuliani Girls defended Rudy against Obama Girl’s posses in a street fight, the Romney Girls, other wise known as the the very beautiful Barbadoro Triplets (Cynthia, Caroline and Christine), are out with a Barely Political-created Obama Girl attack ad on behalf of Mitt Romney that ends with a not so subtle jab at polygamy, which, of course, is totally in style now with the success of HBO’s Big Love.

A song by the Barbadoro Girls – who are from New Jersey and do actually write and sing – will follow in a month or two along with a video. Bostonians, watch your sidewalks for the next Obama Girl Throw down.