SARAH PALIN IN A NUT SHELL: GOING ROGUE: END PAPERS. Final Days Abandoning Politics as a Candidate: Preaching To The Choir.

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The last chapter of this book is entitled Going Forward, with a quote from her father Chuck Heath Jr.   “Sarah’s not retreating; she’s just reloading.” However if anything is to be taken away from  this book it is that Sarah, after a taste of national political candidacy, decided that elective office was not for her.  This occurred sometime after she resumed her duties as governor and probably when she secured a book deal with Harper Collins, Rupert Murdock’s book company.

She resigned in July 2009  when she knew she could raise money with a defense fund to defend herself from her FOIA and ethics violations lawsuits.  She also had Sarah Pac to raise money for political pursuits and which apparently has absorbed the defense fund since there are no more FOIA or ethics lawsuits. In the first year almost all the money raised by Sarah Pac  (2.1 million dollars. $700,000.00 in the first six months)  was spent on expenses for herself and her  staff at a time when she was not running but “writing” a book. She had notice of a book advance before resigning in July 2009 for 1.25 million.

Sarah Pac spent $47,777.00 on copies of “Going Rogue”.  This alone would make it a  best seller  with all the free publicity associated with that list. Currently New York magazine estimates her net worth at 12 million dollars.

It appears by July 2009 she made a mental decision to abandon politics as a candidate and seek a  future in the media, a  far more lucrative pursuit in her case.  (Estimates say she made 10 million on Going Rogue) Thus she was not reloading but “advancing in a different direction.”(Gen.  MacArthur). Her final words are a reiteration of her message in this book, less taxes, less government, big defense,    more police protection, throw the incumbents out.  She extols the virtues of and philosophy of Ronald Reagan who seems to have taken most of his ideas from economist   Milton Freeman. ( Since the recent collapse of Wall Street Milton Freeman’s philosophy is considered too radical and even his mentor, Locke’s, ideas, that free markets are self regulating, has been reexamined and found to be too heavy handed.   In fact there are no free markets if the government is not regulating for the public benefit private entities will regulate for their own advantage. Totally free markets are a myth.)

So she continues to espouse conservative ideals that were around before Barry Goldwater and out of favor economic philosophies to a small core audience which is willing to pay handsomely for her media appearances, speeches and books.  She will have a new book out in November 2010, America By Heart: Reflections on Family, Faith and Flag,  and from the advance notices it will be more of the same.

She acknowledges the ghost writer of Going Rogue  book in a line ” Lynn Vincent who helped me put words on a paper.” (I hope Lynn got her money up front because she  got less than a grudging acknowledgment in the end.)

It is interesting to note that Karl Rove in an interview on the probable Republican candidates in 2012 doesn’t mention her name. Probably because he knows she received political media celebrity without having to work for it by holding office and doing something.  Thus she received the rewards of leadership without being a leader.  Also he knows that as a far right commentator and a resigned governor it would be nearly impossible to win a national election.

She is a polarizer and not the conciliatory type  needed to attain national office.  However she will probably continue preaching to her conservative choir as long as they will listen and are willing to pay her.  Her divisive message  is for going backward not going forward.