Jane Fonda Writes A Book On The Wisdom She Has Accrued As A Human Chameleon.

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The premise of this book is that Ms. Fonda was so insecure in her femininity that most of her life was spent living up to the expectations of others principally her husbands. Her problems stem mainly from the fact her mother was molested as a child. Her mother committed suicide when she was twelve, but Jane tells us she was never close to her mother or her father for that matter. However recently she obtained her mother’ s instituional medical records which contain information about her mother’s molestation in her mothers hand writing. Although this information was not learned until recently Jane felt a life long compulsion to learn about child abuse and believes the guilt and self loathing her mother experienced was passed on to Jane cellularly.

With Roger Vadim she became a sexually “advante guarde” woman married to a French/Russian film director who liked threesomes and more. Jane would reluctantly acquiesce to these sexual situations because she was so insecure in her femininity and persona she would do anything to please her man. Thus Roger would send her out to procure women for his and her bed.
In the case of Tom Hayden she became a California ultra liberal political wife. (The public perception was she was ultra liberal before she met Tom and that their relationship was like soul mates that found each other.) Apparently she could not please him enough and he left after sixteen years. Maybe she was too liberal for his taste?
She morphed into a corporate style wife for her third marriage to Ted Turner which she says ended when she wanted to be the real Jane Fonda… some kind of feminist. Exactly what kind she probably doesn’t know herself until her next man tells her. She says that there will be another life partner because a psychic has told her so.
Along the way she was bulimic for many years because she wanted to be physically attractive as our culture demanded.
She went to Hanoi alone, allegedly, and says she was duped into posing on a Viet anti-aircraft gun laughing with a helmet on. She doesn’t say who she was pleasing then probably the North Vietnamese.
Obviously this book was written for the dollars that a celebrity name can garner for a biography. Of course the juicer the details the more books sold. Roger Vadim is dead now so he can’t speak or sue, but his and her children are alive. Jane seems to blame her problems on her inability to assert herself in life because of a perceived “male –female” divide in Western culture whereby women are inhibited from self actualization and the cellular inheritance from her mother.
This book should have been titled Strange Days or maybe Zelig.

You remember Woody Allen’s Leonard Zelig, also a human chameleon, who said, “ I worked with Freud in Vienna. We broke over the concept of penis envy. Freud felt that it should be limited to women.” Or “I’ve never flown before, and it shows what you can do if you’re totally psychotic!”

Well, then is Jane a timid soul to whom life has dictated its terms or a strong human being who has dictated her terms to life? You be the the judge.