Kill Bill 2 A+.The Sound and the Fury. A Film By Quentin Tarentino

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“Life… it is a tale, told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.” Wm Shakespeare.

Kill Bill 2
The Sound and the Fury A+
Quentin Tarantino has created this quintessential action, revenge, betrayal, and loss movie with great directorial and writing skill. He draws some of the best performances I’ve seen from the actors in the movie. I particularly liked Uma “the black mamba”; Daryl, “ the mountain snake”; Michael Park’s portrayal of Esteban, an 80 year old sadistic, Mexican, pimp, sensualist, I didn’t think Parks had it in him; Michael Madsen as “Budd” Bills brother and of course the world weary leader of the DiVAS David Carradine as Bill, and finally Bo Svensen from out of the past as the preacher.
This movie will be a classic of the genre if not the classic. Quentin also likes to fool with our subconscious by reprising shots, sounds, actors, settings, pauses and props that have been etched on our psyche’s and made vulnerable by past movies and TV shows and then adding a twist that makes our hearts jump.

All that said one is reminded of the famous line, slightly edited, “Life… it is a tale, told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.” The exception is, in this case, the idiot is an idiot savant and the presentation is all style and technique addressing no great intellectual, social, philosophical or political issues nor is it meant to. This movie is just great entertainment as it was intended. However this much talent should turn itself on more important issues. We know he is the greatest pop culture geek in existence now let’s see him unleash his talent and intellect on things more substantial. Otherwise we will think he is really just an idiot savant. Maybe that war movie he keeps talking about will have something to say like Platoon, All is Quiet on the Western Front, Apocalypse Now, Paths of Glory, or Attack with Jack Palance. I can hardly wait.